Selected press

Deadline interview - Specialty B.O. Preview: "Lucky Them", "Night Moves", "The Grand Seduction", "Filth", "We Are The Best!", "Before You Know It", "Emoticon ;)" - Brian Brooks -

Indiewire interview - Juan Caceres -

"Professionally mounted and attractively photographed, this independent production is a fresh, off-the-beaten-path conceit that gets mileage from its willingness to examine notions of non-nuclear family and changing identity." - Brent Simon -

"De Paolis" refreshingly feminine perspective is most apparent in her handling of unplanned pregnancies, specifically in the way the female characters are affected by these situations. Emoticon ;) serves as a perfect example of why we need more feminine directorial voices in the world of cinema." - Don Simpson -

"This modest effort about a non-nuclear family dealing with various interpersonal crises boasts some genuinely effective, understated moments." - Frank Scheck -

"De Paolis was able to tackle her debut film with grace and I look forward to seeing where else she goes as a filmmaker." - Kelly Maxwell - BUST Magazine

"It's a brave and risky business to take on the pivotal leading role as well as of the director, but De Paolis turns in a competent enough portrayal, vacillating between her convictions that she can repair the rifts in this family and her own vulnerability with an older lover." - Sandra Bertrand -

"Veronica" Headed to L.A. - Kyle Moore -

Enter some Illussory Characters with a Startling Stage Presence - NY Times

Emoticon;) - NY Times

In Specter Gadget - TimeOut NY

Guest Post: Telling a Female Story with a (Nearly) All-Female Crew - Indiewire Women and Hollywood